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Look Who's Laughing Now ...

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

February 3, 2000

This essay, Look Who's Laughing Now ..., is a book review of 60 Minutes And The Assassination Of Werner Erhard: How America's Top Rated Television Show Was Used In An Attempt To Destroy A Man Who Was Making A Difference by Jane Self PhD. The review first appeared on on Thursday on Thursday February 3, 2000.

It is also the second in a group of seven Reviews:

In 1992 Jane Self's impeccable research told the sordid tale - so impossibly hard to fathom by those who love Werner and discover so much in his seminars - of how Werner's alleged abuse of his children, tax evasion, and brutal treatment of his staff was a complex premeditated plot by an ex-wife, disgruntled ex-employees, and the Church of Scientology to discredit Werner for reasons that even twelve years later are still unclear. What is clear, however, is that directly or indirectly as a result of the "assassination", Werner moved his primary residence away from these United States.

Today, over a decade after this book was written, the IRS has recanted its charges against Werner (settling, instead by paying Werner $200,000.00 in damages), the daughter who originally made claims of abuse has publicly recanted, and the work Werner started and subsequently licensed to Landmark thrives around the world, "Landmark" having now become a brand name almost as well known as "Xerox" says Time magazine.

Interestingly enough, the media chose to completely ignore this vindication of Werner's integrity. It is, indeed, a sorry reflection on all of us when a firestorm of publicity can erupt based on lies, conjecture, and salacious claims and can ruin a man's reputation. Yet when the truth emerges, no one in the media stands up to correct or to apologize for the damage caused.

The information in this book is now dated. However, it is must read reading for anyone interested in how the media can fan shreds of disinformation into cataclysmic proportions with devastating and sad results.

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