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Not Your "Business As Usual" Motor Racing Film

Sears Point, California, USA

November 12, 2011

"Today is for the championship."  ...   Breakthrough Racing 
This essay, Not Your "Business As Usual" Motor Racing Film, is a film review of Today Is For The Championship* (1980) directed by Dan Weisburd and produced by Daniel Miller. This review first appeared in The New York Times movies section on Saturday November 12, 2011, then again on on Wednesday October 29, 2015.

It is also the fourth in a group of seven Reviews: I am indebted to Dan Weisburd and to Daniel Miller and to Peter Smokler and to James Oliver and to Buddy Collette and to Robert Eber who inspired this conversation.

Contrary to what superficial glances may conclude, this extraordinary film isn't about motor racing. It actually has more for organizational theorists, business consultants, and team coaches than for motor racing enthusiasts.

Its focus on the United States Gold Cup motor racing circuit and Werner Erhard's dramatic success as a rookie race car driver in it in the late 1970s, is secondary. Of primary interest is the Breakthrough Racing  research project which is what this film is really about.

The inquiry in this film is "What makes teams work?". A medium in which Werner Erhard has no natural skills (race car driving) was chosen so that, in the unfolding of the project, it could be noted and documented what it really takes to have a team come together in unfamiliar territory, and work regardless.

This film isn't your "business as usual" motor racing film. You may have to watch it twice - in case you miss the subtlety of what it's really about, the first time.

It's extraordinarily moving, completely "out there", and given its obvious inherent dangers, daring, courageous, and brave.

* Today Is For The Championship is no longer in circulation.

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