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Walker Creek, California, USA

February 3, 2006

This essay, Mindblower, was written at the same time as Voice? What Voice?.

She didn't want him inside her. She thought he would do something leery to interfere with her. She characterized her concern as the fear of being brainwashed by him. But when pressed, she couldn't say exactly what she meant by being brainwashed. Yet she resisted him anyway.

Then when he didn't  intrude she felt slighted and got mad at him. But he didn't respond or react. By then he had moved on and was no longer in a conversation with her.

Regardless of her preconceptions, the mindblower doesn't stay where he's not wanted. What he does isn't an inside job. He dances just out of reach so if you want him you have to reach for him. That's how he ensures your stake in declaring your choice in the matter. It's your ante. He's playing for nothing.

Other than tease you to inquire into your epistemology, the mindblower doesn't do anything. That's not only because it's good economics. It's because having life work requires it.

What's the already always listening for the mindblower? Indeed, what exactly is the already always listening for "blowing the mind"? For the most part, there's a concern that something will be damaged, that something will be taken away, that something extremely valuable will become irretrievably lost. What all that brings forth is the basic reaction to hang on tighter, to resist, to survive at any cost. In fact the first connotation of blowing something (up) is to explode it with great force.

That's one way of listening it.

Another way of listening it would be far less extreme, far less austere, far less dangerous  even. It could simply be freeing the stranglehold the mind has on the being yet leaving all systems intact, as they are, free. Nothing is damaged, nothing is taken away, nothing is lost, and in the aftermath of that scenario, something wonderful becomes possible, something that until then was only possible in the quietest of quiet contemplative moments, in the deepest depths of adventuresome dreams, something which is assumed to be so rare that to consider having it is already always deemed to be sheer folly ie wishful thinking.

The mindblower has no hydrogen bomb. The mindblower has nothing, nothing  at all. Just one light touch of it ... and the whole thing is forever shifted.

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