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Mystical Connection

Oakville, California, USA

June 26, 2006

This essay, Mystical Connection, is the companion piece to
  1. With You Without You
  2. Life Partners
in that order.

It is also the prequel to Mystical Connection II.

I am indebted to the Chief who inspired this conversation.

I don't know why You are who You are for me. I don't know why I am who I am for You. Yet You are. And I am. I can't explain it. I don't understand it. When I try to describe it, there aren't words to map it. Even if I do come up with a word or two to share it, putting it into words only seems to diminish it. It's a paradox. What it gives is language. Yet I can't reach it with language.

It's the least definable thing in my life, this mystical connection between You and I. Yet it's the one thing in my life I trust completely - without question.

I notice when complete trust is the foundation, being can show up. When there's no trust like that, it's easy to just get by and perhaps get better but it's hard to simply be. It's complete trust in this mystical connection which allows being, which calls being forth. It gives permission to be, always and all the time rather than only when being is agreed to, earned, or deemed deserved.

I like it when I'm with you. I like being in the same place as you. They're such amazing moments in and out of time. They're pure looking  moments. They're worth staying up all night for and standing up all day for. Those moments when I'm with you delineate the end of old eras and the start of new ones. Living towards each moment with you gives my life. Being with you gives where I come from. That's the connection. But I don't have to be with you for it to be that way. Even when I'm not with you, I'm with you. That's the mystical. This mystical connection is in us and from us and in the gap between us and who knows why. That's the way it is with this sort of thing.

When I realize I don't need you, it's the highest compliment I can pay you. You grant me total space, total freedom. You are that I am who I am. If I say I don't need you, it's an assertion of gratitude and total love, a love which grows and grows and grows and then just when I think it can't possibly grow more, I look and I see it's grown exponentially more. You're closer to me in love than you could ever possibly be if I needed you.

But then I look again and I ask myself "Is it true? Do I really  not need you? Is this really  the truth for me?". Isn't this like asking oxygen whether I need it or not? To be sure, I have my own life and creativity and responsibility distinct from oxygen just as I have my own life and creativity and responsibility distinct from this mystical connection. Yet it's patently clear that without oxygen, none of this goes well. When I inquire into that, I become clear about whether I need you ... or not.

That's when I get it. That's when I become serene. That's when I'm at peace. That's when I surrender.

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