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Diamond Oaks, Oakville, California, USA

October 11, 2007

This essay, Webmaster, is the companion piece to

The world wide web. The internet. It's a medium unlike any other. Available 24 / 7 / 365, items published to the internet are always available, always out there, all the time. What's written to the internet has the potential to be read by millions and millions if not billions of people.

Even more than television, the internet also has the option of being interactive. Unlike television, the broadcasting of which is out of reach for everyone except the mega-rich news conglomerates, almost anyone alive has access to the internet (and if they don't, soon will) for participating in the global Conversations For Transformation.

The internet has the potential of reaching into most of the homes on the planet. That's sit up and take notice  seductive when considering the possibility of sharing transformation.

Yet from time to time when the webmaster inquires "Can transformation be shared via the internet?" the answer, after hardly a moment's pause, is always the same: it's "No". Transformation is shared by speaking and listening in real, live, face to face conversations with real, live human beings - no ifs, ands, or buts. If the internet is digital  then transformation is analog. Transformation can't be digitized. If you think otherwise, in my opinion you're either misguided about what transformation is, or you're not telling the truth about who created your experience of transformation, or both.

What then is the opportunity for Conversations For Transformation on the internet? What then is the possibility of Conversations For Transformation  via the internet?

As a stand, as a road map, as a pointer  to transformation, the internet is almost ideal. But that's predicated on our ability to distinguish between pointing to Route 66  on a map of the United States of America, and experiencing Route 66  driving down it. The two simply don't live in the same domain.

The webmaster can point to the source  of transformation by bringing him forth in writing on the internet. For example: The webmaster can point to the distinctions of transformation by bringing them forth in writing on the internet. For example: However, the webmaster knows bringing forth the source of transformation and the distinctions of transformation on the internet ie in the domain of writing and reading  are only approximations  to bringing them forth in the domain of speaking and listening, arguably the only domain in which they're really alive, the only domain in which they have any real, lasting generative power, any Self-replicating value. The webmaster knows the menu  isn't the meal, the sizzle  isn't the steak.

This makes the webmaster, by his own recognizance, a menu maker  only. Mere sizzle samples  are his approximate expression of transformation, his appropriate offering. Any more than that, and he not only runs the risk of misrepresenting transformation on the internet but also of damaging peoples' expectation and experience of it.

The vehicles, the webpages  published to the internet by the webmaster should be immaculate, impeccable, as close to digitally perfect  as possible. To communicate with the widest possible audience using the broadest range of computers, the entire family of operating systems, and all the multifarious internet browsers to log on to Conversations For Transformation, all source code  should be as elemental  and as fast loading as possible: nothing but HTML  HyperText Markup Language with JavaScript  for logical decision making ability, and the occasional embedded Java applet. Anything more flowery  and more complex than that, and websurfers randomly alighting on Conversations For Transformation may understandably impatiently tire of waiting for the denser, more intricately built website to load, and move on.

Given all the above, given the responsible management  of all the above, I assert the fulfillment of the possibility of Conversations For Transformation via the internet is really the fulfillment of the possibility of the world wide web itself:

The possibility of a World Wide Werner.

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