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A Petri Dish For Miraculous Relationships

Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, California, USA

June 14, 2021

"Lots of people have talked about taking that step into the unknown. Taking that step into the unknown is actually a lot less courageous than taking a step from  the unknown."
"Wherever you go, there you are."
... Thomas à Kempis, The Imitation of Christ, circa 1441
This essay, A Petri Dish For Miraculous Relationships, is the eighteenth in an ongoing collection with embedded Music Videos: I am indebted to George Richvalsky who contributed material for this conversation.

It may be a function of traveling extensively and seeing / getting to know the world. But it may also not be that at all. There's so much (maybe too  much) to see if you're going to lay claim to having (quote unquote) "seen it all". It may be a function of a certain maturity in life ie a function of a certain age. But it may also not be that either. Age isn't pegged to intentionality. Whether we intend to age or not, we'll age anyway. Also: beware of aging carrying with it a certain note of resignation. It's certainly not a function of that. What it's a function of, in all likelihood, is transformation ie it's a function of being transformed ie of speaking being  transformed.

with Alexandra - Yes It Is (The Beatles)
What "it" is ie that it  to which I'm referring, is being accepting of life the way it is (and the way it isn't) ie being complete  with life the way it is (and the way it isn't). Age may not bring being complete with life. And being intentional isn't pegged to life being complete. So intending life be complete, isn't likely to guarantee life will be complete. Being  life is complete is what makes life complete (it's so blindingly obvious it can be easily missed).

Transformation (ie the recontextualization  of life) is what has life be complete. And with the realization that life is (now) complete, comes the unavoidable insight that life is and always has been  complete. Nothing needs to be done to cajole  life into being complete. Just be  it's already complete. Just stand for  it's already complete.

In the space of life being complete and having always been complete (and therefore by extrapolation, it always will be complete) arises a possibility of a new way of being with life (it would have to, given our considerations and manipulations would then be out of the picture) which would have our interactions and relationships with people  take front and center stage. By this, I'm referring to being complete with who we really are, then being in relationship with who others really are. A transformed life is a Petri dish  for miraculous relationships. Really.

What are miraculous relationships? They're relationships in which who you and I really are, is front and center stage, superseding our opinions, interpretations, positions, and stories about life, being front and center stage.

I've traveled enough to have amassed not one but five "green cards" (ie work / residence permissions) from five different countries, two passports (ie nationalizations) from two of those countries, and my children therefore have two birth certificates each (moi  only has a meagre one). I've seen a lot. I've certainly not seen it all, and I certainly don't know it all. But there is one thing however I've seen which I do know with 1,000% certainty: all of us possess within ourselves, at every moment of our lives, under all circumstances, the power to transform the quality of our lives. We all got it - every human being in every country - whether we're aware of it or not.

A transformed / recontextualized life is a Petri dish for miraculous relationships. And given miraculous relationships are a Petri dish for miraculous societies and thus for miraculous countries, when we come from them, our world and everything in it transforms (beware of getting stuck in a bear trap equating "transform" and "change").

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