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One In One

Cowboy Cottage, East Napa, California, USA

May 1, 2008

This essay, One In One, is the companion piece to Joe The Buddha.

It is also the third in a group of twelve embodying ideas from Movies:

"God has a very big heart" Nikos Kazantzakis tells us through his larger than life protagonist Zorba The Greek. "But" he adds "there is one sin he will not forget: if a woman calls a man to her bed and he won't go!".

Directed by Michael Cacoyannis - © 20th Century Fox - 1964
Zorba The Greek - The Movie
What that translates to for me is this: there's only one sin, and that's when Life calls me to play and I won't play. And even though the word sin  is too loaded  with an already always meaning to be really effective, it also says this to me: there's only one sin, and that's when you ask me to dance with you and I won't dance. Ultimately it says to me there's only one sin, and that's when Life gives me access to transformation and I don't live it. That's evil.

Live  is evil  reversed. Evil  is simply live  spelled backwards.

Evil is the degree I'm not live with you. "Live with you" doesn't imply live "one on one" with you. Rather, "live with you" implies live one in one  with you. Fullness in Fullness. Wholeness in Wholeness. One in One.

You're present with me in everything I do. You're present with me in every key I press, in every word I write. You're present with me in every breath I breathe. You're present with me in the very way  I be, to the degree that if you weren't there, I wouldn't be here  either.

I've had to grow up  so I can exist on my own without being near you. Man!  That's the hardest thing  I've ever had to do.

Life, I guess, may have done that anyway. But that - right there - is my maturity: you can tell I've become "realistic" about it.

We're only here once. We should be one in one. It seems such a waste of life for me to be over here, wherever I am, when you're over there, wherever you are.

This relationship is such a gift, such a god-damned  privilege, Whenever the date draws near to be with you again, whenever I get this close to dance time, my life starts to come apart as its next iteration begins to come through. I'm wondering, as I always do before times like these, who I'll be next after being with you.

It's a profound joy to know you. I'm glad I came to this planet at the same time as you. Really glad. Really.

"Did you say ... dance?"

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