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On Feeling Good About Feeling Bad

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"If you could really accept that you weren't OK, you could stop proving you were OK. If you could stop proving that you were OK, you could get that it was OK not to be OK. If you could get that it was OK not to be OK, you could get that you were OK the way you are. You're OK, get it?"

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I asked him to stop ... and look ... then tell me what's out-here. He did. After a moment's contemplation, he answered correctly ("correctly" that is, in my opinion) by saying the entire universe  is out-here. Great. Then I asked him what's inside  (pointing to my head). He responded, again after a moment, by saying there's another  entire universe inside. That's actually neither an unusual nor an unintelligent asessment. And it's widespread. So I asked him to enumerate what's inside, intending to share some pragmatic wisdom and mastery with him. "What do you mean 'enumerate what's inside'?" he asked, "there's too much  inside to enumerate - it's infinite.". "No it's not" I countered, "and furthemore, holding it undistinguished as infinite is, for the most part, what keeps us stuck.". "OK" he bit, "what is  inside?".

"Try this on for size" I suggested, "not like it's 'The Truth'  because that will just ruin it for you; rather like it's a platform on which to stand and look.".

"All that's inside are three things" I continued, "one, feelings and emotions; two; thoughts and memories; three, bodily sensations. Moreover, if you look real closely, you'll notice all three of them are on full automatic.  And we have it that if we're not feeling good all the time, then something's wrong. What if it's entirely normal  for human beings to have some bad feelings at any given time  automatically along with some good feelings? What if having some bad feelings is just what human beings have, and there's nothing wrong when they're there? The trouble starts not with feeling bad, but with not accepting and with not allowing ie with resisting the normalcy of having bad feelings from time to time.".

"If you could get it's OK to have some bad feelings, you'd stop futzing with them. You'd leave them be, and they'd leave you be. Having bad feelings from time to time, would be OK. And that's how you feel good about feeling bad" I said.

* * *

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