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Thank Goodness  It's Perfect The Way It Is!

Auberge du Soleil, Rutherford, California, USA

September 14, 2016

I am indebted to Linda Gale who inspired this conversation.

If your measurement of quality of life in the world ie if your gauge  of quality of life in the world is the evening news or the morning press, it's not a pretty picture out there, is it? We live in the ever-present hope that things will get better. Yet the truth is probably closer to they'll get worse, or at least they'll stay just about the same, which is bad enough. It's a trajectory we've been on for hundreds maybe thousands of years. And while things may have changed both quantitatively and qualitatively, we're still doing the same old same old  whatever we do. Almost everyone anywhere knows there's got  to be a better way. At the same time we're clearly bankrupt in being able to do anything about our thrown-ness keeping the status quo pretty much the same year after year after year regardless of whatever we try to do about it.

Global transformation begins with our personal transformation. Each of us committing to generating the transformation of our own lives, is a requirement if we're ever going to develop the leverage powerful enough to transform the world. Differentiating between the way Life itself turns out ie the way Life itself has always  turned out throughout the millennia, and the possibilities available to each of us personally to create a future from which to live our lives, is the tipping point  ie it's real leverage.

When I begin taking responsibility for creating a future for myself ie when I start taking responsibility for inventing possibilities for my life, it soon becomes profoundly, fundamentally, and very, very obviously clear that life in the world, regardless of how it may appear to be tragically off course, no matter how much it may look like it's not the way it's s'posed to be, however long we've been watching the same dramas play and re-play ie run and re-run on the evening news and in the morning press, and even if it simply and resolutely refuses to fit our pictures of what we all know life in the world should  look like, is really perfect the way it is (and the way it isn't).

Now, given how what's on the evening news and in the morning press lands, it's almost impossible  to really get that things in the world are perfect the way they are (and the way they aren't) because of our propensity to hear it like an opinion, like a judgement, like an evaluation, and even like a threat. For every opinion there's a counter-opinion, for every judgement there's a counter-judgement, for every evaluation there's a counter-evaluation, for every threat there's a counter-threat. So listen: you simply can't get it those ways. There's arguably but one place to stand to get the world is perfect the way it is (and the way it isn't) and that's in observing what's so. With regards to observing what's so: what is, is; what isn't, isn't (it's pure vintage Erhard) which, by the way, is as close as it gets to a true definition of "perfect".

I assert it's more than this definition is the ground of being for all existence: it's this definition is the count-on-able ground of being for all existence. I love that it has the unerring power to slice through all the doom and gloom and drama portrayed on the evening news and in the morning press. I love that it has the power to shake me awake and constitute me powerfully in a place from which I have some leverage over my experience of the world the way it is (and the way it isn't). Oh, I love that I can wave it like a magic wand which says (ie which reminds me) "Thank goodness  it's perfect the way it is!", the evening news and morning press notwithstanding.

When I wave this magic wand ie when I speak it, there's an experiential  awakening. This demonstrates it has muscle to recontextualize  (I love  that word) everything that's going on in the world, letting it be perfect the way it is (and the way it isn't) even with nothing changed or fixed. And if your intention is  to change and fix the things going on in the world, this is arguably an empowering place to stand (no, it may even be the most  empowering place to stand) if you're ever going to have any leverage changing or fixing the way the world is: you must first stand for it's perfect the way it is (and the way it isn't). Yes that is a paradox. It's also got real power.

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