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The Cult Of Transformation?

Naples, Florida, USA

December 23, 2002

This essay, The Cult Of Transformation? is the fiftieth in this Conversations For Transformation internet series.

It is also the companion piece to Bad Press / Good Experience.

A friend of mine expresses concern about inviting some friends of hers to attend one of Werner's guest events because she's convinced one friend in particular will immediately assume she's joined a cult.

Well? What if her friend does  assume she's joined a cult?

Well, what if? And: so what?!

Standing where I stand in transformation, I can get how her friend standing in no transformation, may have the interpretation she's joined a cult. The issue then becomes: can she be big enough to allow her friend to have her interpretation? Then she's not diminished, and her friend experiences being heard.

Living Life out of a fixed interpretation enables us to survive. Her friend living Life out of a fixed interpretation she's joined a cult enables her to survive. You could say by living Life out of a fixed interpretation her friend is missing an incredible opportunity. But then again, when we live Life out of fixed interpretations we always miss incredible opportunities. That's true for everyone - no one is immune.

By the way, if you're going to be sharing transformation like a possibility  for any real length of time, one thing I can promise you is sooner or later, you're going to have to confront the "cult" interpretation.

Get used to it. Get practiced at handling it.

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