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Napa Valley, California, USA

September 24, 2001

This essay, Transformation, is the first in an open group on Transformation:
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  3. The Way Of Transformation
  4. Transformation: The Life And Legacy Of Werner Erhard
  5. Moment Of Truth
  6. Transformation II
  7. No Line
  8. Transformation Is Timeless
  9. Transforming Life Itself: A Completely Started Inquiry
  10. Transformation Is Accountability Plus Committed Speaking
  11. Not One Size Fits All
  12. Transforming Disciplines
  13. What It Also Comes Down To
  14. Transforming The Untransformable
  15. Who You Might Be Really
so far, in that order.

Especially now, the relevance of transformation is it gives a platform from which to distinguish the source of your transformation from the events in your life - no matter what those events are - and thereby to provide a stand for what becomes possible out of the languaging we are.

This is today's iteration of an ancient, ancient conversation. The Vedic pundits of India of five thousand years ago noted when the naming word for any object was uttered in the Sanskrit language by a saint, that object would manifest and materialize out of nothing.

Others have said "In the Beginning was the Word ...".

In other words, this is where it all starts: with what we say.

Stephen Hawking, arguably the most influential scientific thinker since Professor Albert Einstein, said "It doesn't always have to be like this ... all we need to do is make sure we keep talking.".

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