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Transforming Disciplines

San Francisco International Airport, California, USA

August 24, 2018

"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." ... Pablo Picasso

This essay, Transforming Disciplines, is the companion piece to Transforminig Meditation.

I am indebted to Valerie Hawes who inspired this conversation.

The title of this essay is Transforming Disciplines. You could articulate those two words with the emphasis on the second word - Transforming Disciplines  - in which case, the essay would be about disciplines that transform.

My intention however, is to put the emphasis on the first word - Transforming  Disciplines - so the essay is about transforming all disciplines.

With Werner's work comes the possibility of bringing transformation to all disciplines. So a Yogi practicing Hatha, would be a transformed Hatha Yogi, and a Buddhist practicing Zen, would be a transformed Zen Buddhist.

Like that.

The question then (ie the obvious  question then) is this: what exactly is the difference between a Hatha Yogi and a transformed Hatha Yogi, and between a Zen Buddhist and a transformed Zen Buddhist?

[... being continued ...]

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