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Sonoma, California, USA

April 5, 2013

"This is it!"  ... Alan Watts quoted by  
This essay, Triangle, is the companion piece to Three Part Harmony.

It is also the seventh in a group of twenty three on Integrity: It is also the prequel to Our Time Will Come Or Not.

I am indebted to Jinendra Jain and to Richard Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller who inspired this conversation.

When it happened, it happened suddenly. Or it's possible it didn't happen suddenly. Maybe it happened gradually, and I didn't notice it happening gradually. Maybe I noticed  it suddenly. Whichever way, it's a major change, a quantum shift  from what came before. Variety is the spice of Life  (as William Cowper may have said). Everything I had set up prior till then, provided a variety, a change, travel, movement ie doing and experiencing different things constantly. Variety was really more than just the spice of Life for me. It was Life's actual measure of quality. It was: less variety less quality, more variety more quality.

Created by Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd in 1934
That's how it went for years ... until one day I noticed my life (which is to say the major activities  which make up the core elements of my life) has become a triangle  - a predictable, repetitive triangle, the seeming antithesis  of variety in fact. What wasn't  predictable was instead of the quality of Life diminishing with less variety (which was the old measure), it's expanding. The needle on the quality of Life gauge moved over to FULL  - and stays there.

Here's what makes up the three points of my life as this triangle: Cowboy Cottage my home (writing) to Exertec Health and Fitness Center  the gym (swimming) to the van (driving) to my home writing to the gym swimming to the van driving, my home writing, the gym swimming, the van driving ... over and over again and again. My life now is the triangle between these three points, each one serving the others, each one ensuring the integrity  of the others, each one essential  to the others. If one of them were missing or ineffective, this triangle of my life would have no integrity. Here I'm saying integrity to convey workability  - like a bicycle wheel missing spokes hasn't got integrity ie it doesn't work.

It's in giving over  to the quality of Life afforded by (ie surprisingly  afforded by) this simple triangle, which is an eye opener. This triangle, even in its simplicity, is a much stronger foundation than any of my more complex and complicated endeavors and enterprises of the past ever were or ever could be. It leaves me free to come from the integrity of my situation rather than having to focus on its survivability / viability. The more I do this, the stronger this simple triangle is becoming. And the stronger this simple triangle becomes, the more predictable it becomes.

Here's what's interesting: the more predictable it becomes, the more predictable my life becomes, the less variety my life has - clearly a failure under the old measure. Yet the more I do this, the possibility of being creative, the possibility of being whole and complete, the possibility of being generous, and (I'll say this though it may risk imbuing this conversation with a context it doesn't really require) the possibility of being enlightened  all become tangible with ease, grace, endurance, and viability. In opting for this simple triangle of integrity, the rewards are much more plentiful - indeed, they show up all by themselves.

In retrospect there's no integrity by accident. The triangle is arguably geometry's strongest shape, exploited most famously by Richard Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller as the basic building block for creating his breakthrough geodesic dome. I've noticed it can work just as well for me too as the basic building block for my life.

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