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The Walls Of Integrity

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"When my integrity is lacking, I am clear that I just got to be a bit smaller as a person. That keeps me working on my integrity. And the thing about integrity is it's a mountain with no top."
This essay, The Walls Of Integrity (working title), is the eighteenth in a group of eighteen on Integrity:

Work in progress.

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I play around people of high integrity. And if you play around me, more sooner than later you'll notice integrity is of the essence. For the purposes of this conversation, what I mean by "integrity" is "honoring your word" - nothing more, nothing less.

It's true that if you're in the habit of running wild and woolly with integrity, either because you're not familiar with integrity as a distinction, or because you are and yet you still try to get away with it, you may notice I'm firmer in this area than you're used to. But look: it's not a dictatorial "firmer". It's a "This way is the way I work best, and it may work better for you too" firmer.

Now imagine that you're in a group (or get hired by a company) in which integrity is the norm ie in which integrity is de rigueur. The impact of stepping over integrity in an environment like that, would be way more than merely "firmer": it would be like walking into a wall. To function in a group like that, it would be futile to expect the group to change. Rather it's you who would have to give something up. We'd have to give something up in the way we construe the walls of integrity.

What then would we have to give up if the world were to function with integrity? Isn't it because we're each in the habit of running wild and woolly with integrity, that the world is in the state it's in? Something's  go to give, yes?

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