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Empty And Meaningless And Free

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"I had the realization that what my life was about was really meaningless, it was empty, and this realization that the things that I thought were so significant like looking good and winning, just the normal things that I guess most people think are important, that they really had no importance, that it was all empty and meaningless. When I broke through the sadness, broke through the sense of despair of having wasted my life, I all of a sudden realized 'My God! I'm free!'."
This essay, Empty And Meangless And Free, is the third in a trilogy inspired by the distinction Empty And Meaningless:

Work in progress.

* * *

How stunning  is it to realize that all of our yearnings and all of our endeavors to experience being whole, complete, and free, fly in the face of the possibility that the basic construction  of human being, is already whole and complete and free. In other words, we struggle blindly (and ironically) to be that which we already are. What's in the way for us in experiencing being whole and complete and free, is twofold:

 1)  We've added layers upon layers of erroneous significance  to our lives, none of which (tell the truth!) work for us. Yet we're keep missing and / or denying the fact that they're self-made - and can therefore be self-erased.

2)  When we jetison all the significance, what's left is an experience of being empty  and meaningless. Given the way we're thrown, we can't fully confront the emptiness and the meaninglessness of it all. If we're ever going to confront it, what's required is we recontextualize  (I love  that word) what it is to be empty and meaningless.

Freedom travels in disguise (I don't know why - it just does). The disguise in which it's draped, is emptiness and meaninglessness. It's a very  effective disguise. It's no wonder we don't see it ie it's no wonder we don't see it at first.

* * *

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