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Napa Union High School Auditorium, Napa, California, USA

March 3, 2007

"Distinctions have a short half-life, and need to be recreated from time to time." ...   speaking with Laurence Platt in Encounters With A Friend #7 
This essay, Half-Life, is the companion piece to It is also the seventh in an open group Encounters With A Friend:
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so far, in that order.

It is also the prequel to Practicing Being.

I told him I notice how I'm sometimes averse to making distinctions. I notice how I would rather have the story. I notice how when I get distinction, I'm in a space of no problems. I notice how I have to keep on creating and creating and creating distinctions again and again and again if I want them to endure. By themselves they seem to have no longevity. Am I missing something?
Werner's response jolted me back to realizing something I already knew yet didn't want to face full on.

Transformation isn't easy. If it were, the whole world would be transformed by now. What I was looking for was a way for my work transforming my life to end. I wanted to get to a place where transformation was permanently established  after which no more work was required. I wanted to get it written in stone. I wanted to get it and keep it forever.

He said "Distinctions have a short half-life, and need to be recreated from time to time.".

His response more than interested me, more than got my attention. It woke me up. I didn't hear what he said as if he was coaching  me or as if he was advising me. Rather, I heard what he said as if he was confirming what was already true for me in my experience  - to which I was adding on  "Am I missing something?".

I love the way he made his point referencing nuclear physics and radioactive isotopes. The time taken for its radioactivity to drop by half is the half-life  of an isotope. I love the way he related distinctions  to isotopes  saying distinctions also have a half-life ie their power to bring forth creativity and freshness drops off over time, hence their need to be recreated from time to time.

But I've always known that about him: he's not only the transformer - he's also a physicist.

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