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How To Enroll The World

Muir Beach, California, USA

Christmas Day, December 25, 2009

This essay, How To Enroll The World, is the companion piece to An Actionable Access.

It is also the fourteenth in an open group Encounters With A Friend:
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so far, in that order.

It is also the fourth in a group of eleven written on Christmas Day:
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in that order.

It is also the third in a group of twelve on Enrollment: It was written at the same time as

I watch you closely. I can't watch you any closer than I watch you. I'd have to skin my eyes literally  to watch you any closer than I watch you.

I get who you are. I get what you do. I don't so much understand  who you are and what you do as much as I get  who you are and what you do ie as much as I grok  who you are and what you do (as Robert Heinlein may have said). Who you are rings  throughout my very being, vibrating through my every cell like the sound of the massive brass gong echoing through the monastery calling the monks to meals, meditation, and prayer.

As I watch you, as I listen you, my respect erupts, bubbling up like the question "How do you do  that?" blending perplexity evenly with awe.

When I ask you "How do you do  that?", what I mean by "do"  is "enroll the world". You've enrolled the world. How do you do  that? How do you enroll the world?

As I watch you, I answer my own question. Like this.

Here's how to enroll the world:

Enrollment isn't convincing or persuading or selling. Enrollment is being. That's it. That's all. Plain and simple. Just being. Nothing else. No doing  required. You being who you are is enrolling and inspiring. Absolutely completely sufficiently totally enough. Being who you are, you don't have to do anything or even discuss anything to enroll and inspire poeple. You could simply stand up and read the dictionary or the telephone directory, and people would be enrolled and inspired.

To be sure, regardless of how enrolling and inspiring you are, there are those people who make it their business to find something to criticize. When you read the dictionary, they grouse the story has great potential but  the author keeps changing the subject. When you read the telephone directory, they complain it has a rich, extensive cast of characters but  not much of a plot. These, of course, are the same armchair pundits who kvetch  God is a little too bossy.

I don't watch them. I watch you - closely. You've enrolled the world.

Game over.

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