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Love Living Into Love

Sears Point, California, USA

September 4, 2007

This essay, Love Living Into Love, is the companion piece to I Am Love With You.

It is also the third in a group of twenty on Love:

Sometimes occasions when I'm called to communicate with you come to me driven by a sense of urgency. Yet in these moments of urgency there's no em-ergency. Rather, they occur when I'm doing something else, then suddenly a single indicator light comes on, flashing "channel opened - communicate now!". Accompanying these moments are quiet awe and wonder while your presence quickly fills my entire being till I'm close up to your image on the enormous IMAX  screen of my experience. Out of the blue  I'm deeply touched, moved, and inspired.

Sometimes what's there to communicate is simply my profound unabashed thanks for the privilege of our relationship. Sometimes what's there to share is a joy or a triumph in my life, results our friendship makes possible.

I start being with you this way with the same sense of "now is the time!"  which drives NASA when there's only one exact opportune moment to launch, given weather conditions. If the target window  closes, if the opportunity's squandered, the launch is aborted. There can't be another shot for a few days. It'll be just like that if I dither over the moment to be with you. It's what keeps me awake, intentional, attentive, on high alert.

On other times the target window's wide open. There's no sense of urgency. Yet when I start to say something, there's nothing. It's oddly disconcerting when, realizing a long anticipated opportunity to be in communication with you, I open my mouth in front of you and nothing comes out.

When there's an opportunity to launch, when the target window's wide open yet there's nothing to say, I could leave it at that. I could stay in the nothing with you and not communicate. The choice is a no brainer. I'd rather choose to communicate with you saying nothing than not communicate with you at all. I notice I'd rather say something  ... even if that something is nothing.

And if I do lapse, if I ever succumb to not communicating, if but the merest hint  of going out of communication with you shows up, as long as I've listened your presence calling me to communicate then we're in communication  given the space of our relationship. When I get that, I notice the gold pad switch  is always on. I can never be without you.

Whenever I stand in your space I'm profoundly rocked. I don't know why. I don't question it anymore. Whatever it is, it works. I allow the emotion. I notice the depth of experience from where being moved like this arises. It's awesome. It's the north  to which compasses are trued. I true my life to it. I true my life to you.

This is the joy, the unbridled ecstasy in my life: creating being with you when I'm with you. This is the underlying power, the strength of character in my life: creating being with you when I'm not with you.

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