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Power Surge

Rutherford Grove, Rutherford, California, USA

June 20, 2014

My erstwhile view of Self-expression (in other words, the way I knew  it worked, the way I was certain  it worked) was I could only be Self-expressed if I was in the mood to be Self-expressed. Moods are fleeting, temporary at best. So in a world ruled by moods, Self-expression as a function of being in the mood to be Self‑expressed, could by its very nature, never be permanent, continuous, or ongoing.

The breakthrough  idea that it's possible to be Self-expressed throughout all waking hours and under any and all circumstances, seemed unrealistic to me. Making things worse for myself, in addition to requiring waiting for the right mood to strike, I considered the light (if you will) of Self-expression to be powered as if by a battery - in particular, by a battery which doesn't hold its charge well. It would go flat quickly, further rendering any possibility of ongoing Self-expression a non‑starter ie a non-starter at least for a while until its battery was recharged, which resting, sleeping, taking a walk in the woods, taking time out, or simply waiting for its battery to somehow, miraculously recharge itself, would accomplish.

Only when its battery was recharged could Self-expression restart. But the idea of Self-expression being a continuous, ongoing, non-depleting possibility, not dependent on either being in the right mood or on unreliable battery power, was simply not possible. Self-expression, always a joy, was merely a peak experience. Elusive at best, it came on when it came on, yet never through intentionality, never through mastery. It couldn't have. Continuous, ongoing Self-expression wasn't possible. You had to be in the mood for it. That's the way I knew it worked. That's the way I was certain it worked.

There are notable points we've designated in time, based on which we draw before / after  lines. "BC / AD"  (Before Christ / Anno Domini) is a prime example. "Too young to vote / old enough to vote" is another. "BC / AD" occurred about two thousand years ago and is the same moment in time for everyone. "Too young to vote / old enough to vote" in the United states occurs at eighteen years of age which is the same for everyone but a different moment in time for each individual.

For the purposes of this conversation I'd like to distinguish another before / after point in time: "BT / AT"  (Before Transformation / After Transformation). "BT / AT" occurs at a different moment in time for each individual, yet core elements of the experience are the same for everyone even if the ages at which we experience them are different.


The unwanted effect of drawing this "BT / AT" line is it can add unnecessary significance to transformation, so I'll use it pointedly, carefully, indeed sparingly.


Continuous ongoing Self-expression wasn't possible BT. Being Self-expressed throughout all waking hours and under any and all circumstances, is possible AT. Actually it's more than merely possible  AT: it's a way of life  AT.

One of the things which happen (which is to say one of the things which become available)  for people participating in Werner's work, is the genesis  of the possibility of full Self-expression. This is accomplished two-fold.

First, as an access to full Self-expression, the suppression  of full Self-expression is examined and revealed for what it is. The method takes a cold, flat-footed, no‑nonsense look at our choices to be un-Self-expressed, and how they got there ie who put them there in the first place. Once these originating choices to be un‑Self-expressed are seen for what they are, there's an opportunity to choose to keep them in place, or to make an entirely new set of choices  with regard to Self-expression and being fully Self-expressed.

Second, being with the people who lead and deliver Werner's work is an opportunity to experience full, authentic, real, thrilling Self-expression, and to take it on. There's a lot less to understand  here than at first may seem. This kind of experience happens through direct observation and osmosis. It's often accompanied by a statement, non-verbal or verbal, similar to ie in the order of "I have no idea  how you do what you do, how you're so Self-expressed. But whatever it is you've got, I want it.".

Being around Werner has given me an appreciation of the unimaginable  amount of work it's possible to get done. It's also given me an appreciation of the velocity  and the alacrity with which it's possible to get it done. That's what becomes possible with full Self-expression: a heretofore unimaginable amount of work getting done at a heretofore unimaginable - with joy, with love, with alacrity, with wonder.

It's such a powerful in your face  demonstration that long after I've been around him and am engaged with whatever's subsequently going on for me, the mere recollection of him at work, the mere recollection of him as a veritable power surge  instantly recharges my battery, reminding me of what's really possible for Self‑expression. It totally vanquishes my tired, old (if not cherished)  notion of BT Self-expression as a function of being in the (fleeting) mood, replacing it with the possibility of AT Self-expression as a continuous, ongoing choice, and who I say I am as my word in the matter.

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