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Sabbatical II (Middle)

Napa Valley, California, USA

August 7, 2021

This essay, Sabbatical II (Middle), is the companion piece to Sabbatical.

It is also the sequel to Sabbatical II (Beginning).

It is also the prequel to Sabbatical II (End).

It is also the third in a hexalogy conceived during my second sabbatical:
  1. Sabbatical II (Beginning)
  2. Silence And Nothing
  3. Sabbatical II (Middle)
  4. Full Self-Expression: Demonstration II
  5. Setting Up For The Rapids
  6. Sabbatical II (End)
in that order.

I am indebted to Laurel Scheaf who inspired this conversation.

It's very quiet. That is to say it's become  very quiet. When I write, that is to say when I'm in the process of writing, I'm immersed in the ideas, abstractions, and distinctions of what's there to say (that is to say I'm swimming  in them). Then I write. And the end result of my words on paper (in my case, the end result of my words on screen) speaks eloquent testimony ie provides evidence that a process has played out / completed prior to their appearance.

The process I'm referring to, is an essay with its component shared ideas, abstractions, and distinctions coming into existence, coming into being. And it's a process that goes on all the time, no matter what I'm doing, no matter whether I'm driving, hiking, cooking ... you know no matter whatever it is a human being does in their waking hours in the ordinary course of living their life.

Then I declared this sabbatical, the second one I've declared since starting this Conversations For Transformation internet series of essays seventeen years ago. I've put all writing aside. I've put my pencil and paper (in my case, my keyboard and screen) aside. In many respects, I've completed the backlog of what I always wanted to say. Now I'm taking the time to look at what there is to say newly (if anything at all) - that is to say I'm taking the time to allow what there is to say newly, to make itself known (which includes looking at what's already been said which could be improved if said newly). And when / if it does ie when I have the next thing to say, I'll e-mail an announcement, one which (if you're on my e-mail distribution list) you would have received by now.

In this quiet time, what's becoming obvious is I'm either not living a created life, or I am. Yes that's a clear reference to creating these Conversations For Transformation. But it's more than that. It's much more. It's that as a human being alive on Planet Earth somewhere in the billions-and-billions-of-stars  universe (as Carl Sagan may have said) in which our Planet Earth is a denizen, I'm either living as if I'm creating my life and Life Itself  ... or I'm not. It's an either / or, mutually exclusive, one or the other ... but never both. There's no gray area. Creating Conversations For Transformation is merely one facet of that. The bigger context is: am I (are we) living creating Life Itself simply by being who we are? (and notice this: writing some, any, or all of it down, is entirely optional) or are we living inauthentically?

I have a new access to seeing this. It's this sabbatical I'm taking. It's had me press [PAUSE]  on creating new essays. In other words, I'm in the not writing  phase of writing / not writing. That much is as clear as it's obvious. But it's not the living-the-created-life  we speak about. I'm not writing, or I'm writing, is the either / or, mutually exclusive, one or the other but never both ... obviously. The created life we speak about is the outcome of standing for being the creator of our own lives and of Life Itself, an idea way beyond (and including) creating essays. And I'm either not creating my own life and Life Itself ... or I am. There's no gray area.

I notice having put down my pen, that this sabbatical is allowing me the uninterrupted time necessary for discovering that (for re-discovering it, actually) for myself.

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