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Essays - Eighteen Years Later:

The Heart Of The Matter

Napa Valley, California, USA

August 17, 2021

This essay, Essays - Eighteen Years Later: The Heart Of The Matter, is the eighteenth annual State Of The Union  celebration of Conversations For Transformation:
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I am indebted to Pranav "PK" Kulkani who inspired this conversation.

          Conversations For Transformation
                    Essays By Laurence Platt
      Inspired By The Ideas Of Werner Erhard
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Eighteen years  of Conversations For Transformation have flown by! When I look at this website's home page, I notice there are one thousand six hundred and fifty five essays posted to it. I (ie even I) find that hard to believe sometimes. That's almost a hundred new essays each year (two new ones every week) for eighteen years. If I stepped back into a past prior to any of them, not only would I not have considered myself to be a writer, but the very idea of writing ten essays, would have been a challenge, and one hundred just daunting. But a thousand?  It would've bordered on impossible. So from where (and how) did one thousand six hundred and fifty five  (so far) arise? What inspired them? What drove them? What called  them? What sustained them?

The way I see it, there's a set of three contributing factors that comprise the heart of the matter  of what creates the space for any authentic conversation for transformation. I recommend you come up with a set for yourself for creating space for your own authentic Conversations For Transformation. This is mine:

 1)  Werner as source;
 2)  being used by something bigger than myself;
 3)  (simply put) your listening.

Honoring source isn't problematic for me. It's just a matter of simply telling the truth. Look: I honor Sir Isaac Newton for gravity, and I honor Professor Albert Einstein for relativity. Like that, I honor Werner for transformation. Moreover it would be weird to speak gravity and not  honor Isaac, wouldn't it? And it would be weird to speak relativity and not honor Albert, wouldn't it? Like that, I honor Werner as source of transformation. I know you know that. What I want you to know is if I don't  honor them that way (and I don't speak expressing that), I'd be playing really small. I'd simply be being inauthentic. In fact I'd be lying.

It's not unusual for me to sit down to write with an idea in mind, only to reach the end of the essay and discover something completely different got spoken. You'd think the way I'd know what I'm going to say, is to look before I start speaking. Yet more often than not, it's not that way. The way I know what I'm going to say, is I speak it, and then I look at what I just said, and that's how I find out. You could say these essays write themselves ... or ... you could say something bigger than myself  uses me to write them. And no, I'm not a medium  (I eschew the very notion of "medium", devoid as it is of being responsible for generating transformation). I'm just a regular, somewhat boring guy, swimming in a transformed space (if you will), writing down whatever he sees there.

With all that distinguished, what steps up to the plate is (simply put) your listening. Conversations For Transformation make a difference. Where  do they make a difference? In your listening. If they work, if they accomplish what they set out to do, you'll experience a new context - or at least you'll have an experience of a shift in your current context for living, a contextual shift  (if you will). A contextual shift is generated by speaking  and listening. The speaking / writing I provide. The listening / reading you provide. All of this has it work ie it makes it all come together: Werner as source, being used by something bigger than myself, your listening. This is the heart of the matter of these eighteen years of one thousand six hundred and fifty five Conversations For Transformation.

Thank You for Your listening. Thank You. Really! Thank You for Your generosity.

Please watch this space. It's a work in progress - which means there's more to come.

Thank You for Your Relationship with Werner.

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