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Two Human Beings One Heart

Malibu, California, USA

June 10, 2007

This essay, Two Human Beings, One Heart, is the second in an open group about my son Joshua:
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in that order.

I am indebted to my son Joshua Nelson Platt who inspired this conversation.

Photography by Claudette Crump - Malibu, California, USA - 11:15am Sunday June 10, 2007
Father And Son
When I'm with you, we're together. When we're together, we're together in that special divine way without trying  to be together. When I'm with you we're just together. We don't do the kinds of things people do to get  together because we're already  together.

We're two human beings. We're one heart.

I like being with you. There's nothing to do when I'm with you. There's everything to be  when I'm with you. There's nothing to achieve, nothing to accomplish, nowhere to get to when I'm with you. We're already it, we're already doing it, we're already here. We live together in a space before time. We'll be living together in this space after time ends.

What's really pertinent about this space is how it's the most obvious thing about being alive for both of us. Yet for others this is an unknown possibility. For the most part, it doesn't exist for everyone. Life, for many, doesn't offer this kind of richness and fullness. And yet that doesn't mean you and I are special, privileged, or unusual in any way to have it be real for us.

All it means, in pragmatic terms, is we're both being our selves, and our selves, being one and the same Self, are each other. That's not yet the possibility of true intimacy. It's prior to  the possibility of true intimacy. It calls forth  the possibility of true intimacy.

When this miracle began, when it first made itself known, when it first reached out and grabbed me  saying "I'm your reward for being who you really are!", when I first realized you share the same experience of me as I share of you, the essential component of it was we were always together when we noticed it. We were always in the same physical place at the same time when it happened. Then, when we went our separate ways, we waited until we could be together again, eagerly anticipating the _iracle we knew would reappear.

Slowly at first, then coming faster and faster with increasing reliability and predictability, something else became obvious, something je ne sais quoi  occurred between us which I would call telepathy  except that concept is already loaded with too many connotations to be of any use in this account.

While we prefer being together to not being together, we started to notice the experience  of being together no longer required us being together. It became almost arbitrary  whether we were together or not. That, for me, was most unusual. It was an experience which at first ran against everything I considered relationship  to be, at least until that point.

What it said to me is we're already related, and there's nothing we have to do, nothing required of us, no qualification we need to be related. We already are related. When we saw that, we noticed paradoxically it was our feverish attempts to become related, our frantic efforts to bridge the gap  between us, and all the good ideas we had about creating a relationship between us that were keeping us apart!

That's when I knew, finally, once and for all, how much I love you. The finality of knowing there's no cause for concern our love will go away because it's who we are  gives me access to such benevolence, such peace, such joy, and such appreciation that's it's all I can do to share all of it with you, always for the rest of our days on Earth together, and more.

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