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It's "The Possibility Of Being ..."

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This essay, It's "The Possibility Of Being ...", is the eighteenth in an open group on Possibility:

Work in progress.

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What's the difference between inventing a possibility like "the possibility of not wanting for anything" as distinct from "the possibility of being self-sufficient", or "the possibility of eating right" as distinct from "the possibility of being healthy", or "the possibility of finding a relationship" as distinct from "the possibility of being loving and lovable"?

The difference is that the latter of each of those pairs, invents possibility like a being. We often say "this is possible" and "that's possible", or "it's a possibility that this could happen" and "it's a possibility that that could happen". Given that inventing a possibility is a linguistic act, which spoken form works better: "the possibility of getting a lot done" (for example), or "the possibility of being productive"?

Listen: "possibility", in the way Werner deploys the idea? is always  a possibility of being. It's never a possibility of doing or having or happening or feeling.

In this milieu, to invent a possibility, is to invent a new kind of possibility of being. It's to invent a right-now  kind of possibility, a tonight's-the-night*  kind of possibility. It's never a someday  kind of possibility. It's never a maybe  kind of possibility. It's always a possibility for being-in-the-world, a possibility in which I stand (ie as, and inside of). It's a possibility in which I enroll others in my having invented and gotten. And I invented and got that possibility inside of the new realm of possibility (transformation) that Werner's work brings forth.

In Werner's work, any possibility that you invent, always leaves you with power, freedom and full self-expression in areas where they're lacking. It's not just to impact how you feel (making you feel good has got nothing to do with it).

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  Coming soon.   

* Werner tells this joke with great effect:

[to be completed]

"Yes" he said, "only once every six months. But tonight's the night!".

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