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No Walk In The Park

Alston Park, Napa Valley, California, USA

December 13, 2012

This essay, No Walk In The Park, is the companion piece to

Photography by Alexandra Lindsey Platt - 8:54am Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 26, 2009
Laurence Platt
Alston Park, Napa Valley, California, USA
As at home  as I am leading technical seminars in corporate boardrooms, I'm ecstatic hiking the parks, the forests, the wildernesses of our planet. There are two main benefits of this. One of them clearly is it's great exercise. But that's only the secondary benefit. The primary benefit is there's a presence here, an experience of what I call the Big Quiet, the vast uninterrupted beingsphere  largely unnoticed by man. It's a pristine environment which hasn't changed (at least not by much) since primitives walked the face of the Earth. All physical spaces are reactivating - especially this one. What this  space reactivates, I like.

The Big Quiet notwithstanding, nature's splendor in and of itself isn't enough since it isn't formatted  to engender, to bring forth transformation. Descriptors like peaceful, magnificent, awesome, beautiful, even spiritual  abound here. But none of them come with any guarantee of transformation - in fact they may even distract from it. Transformation is brought forth by taking a stand for transformation. Paradoxically this splendid environment can lend itself to be a shield from  the rigors of bringing forth transformation.

Taking this stand isn't for the faint hearted. It takes a certain daring, it calls for bringing something to the table, it demands I ante up, it insists I have something at stake. But if you plan to hide or to hold back  from the rigors and the risks of bringing forth transformation, then this park (anywhere  in nature actually) is a great place to come. By the same token, bringing already transformation  to a place like this gives the perfect congruency of the greatest work we can do in Life, with the magnificence of creation.

The walk I'm taking along the paths of this park is around five miles. Unlike other walks on some other occasions, I'm not taking this one briskly. Rather I'm putting one foot in front of the other - slowly heel and toe. Time's no object. The idea is to savor every step, every moment. This could last forever. Or longer. I've got time. Every foot's a new vista, every step's a new country. By the way, so's Main Street USA. It's just more obvious, more immediate here.

Thoughts occur then blow away like dry leaves in a breeze. The sheer luxury  of allowing them do this makes me smile, this practice of being unattached. I exhale, letting go from the depths of my solar plexus every pent-up emotion until there's nothing left. Now and then tears escape my eyes (watched warily by a pair of eagles hovering motionless high above me) then half a mile later belly laughs burst from my lips (startling a deer). Both are the same release.

Without transformation, life on Earth is sometimes no walk in the park. With  transformation, life on Earth is also  sometimes no walk in the park. However with transformation comes a Self created ie a Self generated context  unmired in reasonableness, undiminished by survival, unlimited by predictability. It's a clearing for unheralded possibility and freedom - no matter what Life's circumstances are. While out here I map its applicability to my own life's minutiae.

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