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You Already Got It

San Francisco, California, USA

March 26, 2019

"Today is a good day to die." ... Tȟašúŋke Witcó aka Crazy Horse, leader of the Lakota nation

This essay, You Already Got It, is the third in the seventh trilogy Breakfast With The Master:
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in that order.

At this point in our conversation, most of the food paraphernalia are gone, most of it that is except for the obligatory bottomless cups of coffee. I still haven't uttered a peep about why decaf is "better for you" than caf. Here's why I haven't (and by now it's clear I won't): around him, the totality of the conversation about what's "better for you" isn't what it ordinarily is around anyone else. So how is it ordinarily?

Ordinarily it's our ground of being  in which that particular conversation occurs, which isn't very good either. When on top of that, we layer what's "better for you", it's to make our not-so-good ground of being bearable. But with him, the ground of being is so full, so whole, so complete, so satisfying, and therefore so vibrantly bursting-forth outright healthy, a healthy that most of us will only dream about and aspire to, that anything that's "better for you", while arguably prudent and even sensible, simply doesn't carry the heft (which is to say it simply doesn't carry the weight  or the urgency)  as it does when a ground of being such as his, is absent.

Now only two coffee mugs and my white A4 sheets and Cross  pencil are left on the table. I'm sharing my experience of the Leadership Course with him, which was without question one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life - I mean knock me down with a feather blow me away extraordinary. Given that I've said the same thing often about my experience of Werner's work, even I am listening myself with a healthy "Really?"  dollop of skepticism. But yes really: it was extraordinary.

I'm sharing a conversation with him, a conversation I had with Werner on a later date when I asked him about my Leadership Course. I asked him "What happened to me in the Leadership Course?", to which he responded by reminding me my experience is subjective  so only I can say what happened to me. True. OK, so I got my intention in asking was sound, but it was not asked well. So I rephrased it as "What did you do to me  in the Leadership Course", to which he replied tersely that he distinguished for me what's in here  (if you will), and then what's out-here, so that I can see maybe who I really  am, is out-here not in here, at least like a possibility.

He listens intently. Then he asks "So what are you doing next?", to which I say "I'd like to do the Mastery Course", to which he says "Why? You already got it.".

Werner's Mastery Course was originated, distinguished, and articulated by him after  he created the Leadership Course, which has had me erroneously implying it's his sequel  to the Leadership Course.

He's addressed my error, saying the Mastery Course is not the sequel to the Leadership Course: what it is, is it's "the newest piece of work".

I stand corrected.


"Say whut?  I already got  it? Excuuuse me? I haven't even done  the course yet, Man" I protest. He doubles down: "You already got it; if you want to go and be with Werner, that's fine but you already got it.". He smiles. And then  I get it - instantly. I blink ... but I do get it. What I get is when he says "You already got it", he's not referring to the Mastery Course: he's referring to getting it - the Big "IT", of which the Mastery Course is the newest piece of work.

"Wow! There's nothing (I do mean nothing)  that gets by this guy, my being coach" I realize. Then he stands up and says "I've listened you, you've listened me, this is a good place to end", embraces me, and is gone. "I can't wait to be with you again next year" I whisper after him as he disappears into the parking lot outside.

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