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Secret Agent

San Francisco, California, USA

November 16, 2012

This essay, Secret Agent, is the companion piece to Secret Service: License To Thrill.

It is also the third in the first trilogy Breakfast With The Master:
  1. Conversation With A Laser
  2. Shut Up And Do What You're Doing
  3. Secret Agent
in that order.
The second trilogy Breakfast With The Master is:
  1. Breakfast With The Master II: Future Health
  2. Breakfast With The Master II: Future Finances
  3. Breakfast With The Master II: Future Open
in that order.
The third trilogy Breakfast With The Master is:
  1. Raw Power
  2. It Works Better As A Possibility
  3. Magic At Heart
in that order.
The fourth trilogy Breakfast With The Master is:
  1. Breakfast With The Master IV: Parental Care
  2. Breakfast With The Master IV: Taking The Guilt Out Of It
  3. Breakfast With The Master IV: Language As Music
in that order.
The fifth trilogy Breakfast With The Master is:
  1. Whatever Works
  2. Yesterday's Transformation
  3. Billions And Billions Of Stars
in that order.
The sixth trilogy Breakfast With The Master is:
  1. Breakfast With The Master VI: Doo-Wop, Coffee, And Intention
  2. Breakfast With The Master VI II: Cherish These Days
  3. Breakfast With The Master VI III: Forwarding The Fulfillment
in that order.
The seventh trilogy Breakfast With The Master is:
  1. We're Here
  2. Being A Being Coach
  3. You Already Got It
in that order.
The eighth trilogy Breakfast With The Master is:
  1. Breakfast With The Master VIII: What People Crave
  2. Breakfast With The Master VIII II: Keep Talking
  3. Breakfast With The Master VIII III: Fearless In The Face Of Life
in that order.
The ninth trilogy Breakfast With The Master is:
  1. A Fountainhead Of Clarity And Power
  2. Conversation With A Laser II
  3. Being A Being Coach II
in that order.
The tenth trilogy Breakfast With The Master is:
  1. Breakfast With The Master X: Living In A Story
  2. Breakfast With The Master X II: Don't Believe In The Buddha
  3. Breakfast With The Master X III: Broadening Horizons
in that order.

I don't work for the public relations  department of a company promoting transformation. I'm not employed by the press office  of a big corporation offering the same product. Neither am I an advertising executive responsible for promoting their brand or creating the marketability of their programs. I'm not affiliated with market researchers  determining peoples' perception of transformation with a view to making it more attractive, more utile, and selling more of it. I've got no business affiliation with any such people or entities in the way a staffer or a consultant may have.

Neither is my presentation of Conversations For Transformation on the internet financially driven. I didn't create Conversations For Transformation with financial gain in mind. You'll notice there aren't any clickable  Visa, MasterCard, or American Express icons anywhere on the Conversations For Transformation website. To receive announcements twice a week when a new essay is published, all you have to do is ask. Conversations For Transformation are pure  creations of mine. I don't create these Conversations For Transformation for a reason or because of  anything. In fact doing so would completely and effectively ruin them. No, transformation and Conversations For Transformation in particular, are contexts  for creating.

I manage and take care of my financial well being by driving a winery shuttle bus in the Napa Valley in California where I live, and by occasional computer consulting. I'm the sole arbiter of what's included in Conversations For Transformation and what isn't. No one's telling me which of my conversations should be written down as essays and no one's vetoing  those they disapprove of. No one's moderating them, tweaking  them, or telling me to add anything to them - or to remove anything from them, for that matter. This means I alone and no one else carries any responsibility for what appears on this website.

To be sure, many of the ideas presented in these essays are inspired by conversations with real people - and it's entirely appropriate they should be, given the spoken word  is transformation's milieu. But I have no agreements with anyone to write anything I'm asked to write, and I have no agreements to write anything I write in any particular way.

This affords a certain critical context for real freedom - secondarily for me, but primarily for the integrity and for the credibility of the Conversations For Transformation themselves and for transformation itself. Let me explain what I mean by this:

It's not easy to dismiss (or to attempt to dismiss) Conversations For Transformation with cheap shots like "He's in it for the money", like "It's his job - he's paid to do it", like "So and so  tells him what to do, what to say, what to write.". Now, here's the thing: there's nothing wrong  with being engaged in any endeavor for the money. There's nothing wrong with engaging in writing as a paying job. Many of the finest writers and journalists of our day are engaged in writing as a paying job. There's also nothing wrong with being told what to write - in many great literary situations it comes with the territory (ask any journalist working for a major newspaper or magazine about their relationship with its editor).

The thing is transformation itself doesn't fall into any of these categories. So Conversations For Transformation are written consistent with  transformation itself not falling into any of these categories They're all my own work. All mine. They're not directed. They're not bought and they're not sold. They come from Self inspired by Self and inspired by those who live Self  - a wide open  platform with the possibility of including every human being who's ever walked the face of Planet Earth to reflect on, to wonder about, and to be in awe of. In the context of writing Conversations For Transformation, being inspired by who we really are ie being inspired by true Self is all that's required.

As the writer of these Conversations For Transformation, I'm no one's employee, I'm not paid to do this, and I don't do this because anyone tells me to. So if, in this regard, you've thought of me as some kind of undercover secret agent, I'm not. But if I were, then I'd be a lone gun  who's just revealed his true colors to you.

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