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Come Back To Being

(working title)

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This essay, Come Back To Being (working title), is the companion piece to Nothing But Being.

Work in progress.

* * *

When I say "come back to being", it's analogous to coming back to a mantra - that is to say it's like coming back to Om  (as Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha  may have said). But that's where the similarity ends. If this is it, then there's nothing to do except be, and there's nothing to come back to except being. Coming back to Om as an access to being, may actually put something in the way of just being ie coming back to Om may actually get in the way of just being with all of this, exactly the way it is, and exactly the way it isn't, with nothing added (in the case of Om) and with nothing taken away.

* * *

When you come back to being, you can be. When you can be, you can come from  being. That's transformation. It's a contextual shift, and it happens in an instant out of time. To turn it into a discipline or a practice, only ruins it by driving it deep into the concept that there's something to get other than this.

* * *

  Coming soon.   

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