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(working title)

Teasing Out The Truth

(working title)

Vino Bello, Napa, California, USA

August 12, 2017

"The truth believed is a lie."  ... 
This essay, Teasing Out The Truth (working title), was written at the same time as Our Say So (working title).

Work in progress.

* * *

I have a problem with the Truth. It's this: the Truth, believed, is a lie. Even the simplest, most cursory examinations of the Truth, show once it's believed, it's no longer the Truth. That's because the Truth, and what we believe, occur in different domains. Hence the Truth, believed, is no longer the Truth - and if it's no longer the Truth, then it's a lie.

In generating these Conversations For Transformation, I've become wary of casting any of them them (and anything they say) as the Truth. I've had to train myself to be wary of blurring that line. So how exactly do you speak the Truth, given our propensity to immediately devolve it into a lie? And if, given the aforementioned considerations, it can't be done at all, what other options are available for speaking the Truth.

One way (which is arguably the most pragmatic way of solving this dilemma) is to present the Truth as a place to stand  ie as something to try on for size to see if it fits - which is to say to see if it works.

* * *

  Coming soon.   

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