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You Rock!

Inglenook, Napa Valley, California, USA

September 1, 2018

"At the base of it all, fundamentally what's so, is so by your consideration alone." ... 
"The universe is fine-tuned for us, which is only explainable if we create the universe, not the other way around." ... Robert Lanza

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens is." ... Marianne Williamson
This essay, You Rock!, is the companion piece to Being Who You Are As Enough.

It was conceived at the same time as

Werner Erhard said (fundamentally) what's so, is so "... by your consideration alone.".

Stop for a moment. Grok  it (as Robert Heinlein may have said): what's so, is so  by your consideration alone. Get the enormity of that, and it'll rock your world. Be  that it is this way ... and it is. That's what's being said here. You're God in your universe. Consider  it so ... and it is!?  That's true power. It's as powerful as a human being could ever become. We're not just talking about gifted human beings here. It's a power all of us have within ourselves at every moment under all circumstances.

"Consider it so ... and it is" is not just another locker room banter hypothetical  about life and living. It's the defining ability we each have which, for the most part (if we tell the truth about it), has become obfuscated by all our concepts about what we're made up of. So as an ability, it's been left largely unexercised. Actually here's a better way of articulating that, since we really do exercise it all the time (we can't not  exercise it): "So as an ability, it's exercised all the time, albeit unknowingly.".

The dilemma we live with as human beings, is whether to intentionally rehabilitate that ability and to exercise it to the max (that's the extraordinary choice), or whether to perpetuate the way we wound up, and to allow it to remain obfuscated. That's the ordinary choice ie the status quo. At first glance, it looks like we may strive to surpass the status quo because we're afraid of being small. Given the reality of "Consider it so ... and it is", it may instead be that what we're really afraid of, is being big  ie it may be that what we're really afraid of, is how big we could become. That could account for why people don't intentionally surpass the status quo earlier.

Alright, so things are so  (which is to say, things are the way they occur for us), given the way we consider them to be. But the power of our consideration, goes way beyond that. In a very real sense, it's also our consideration that has everything we do, get done. Our consideration of the way things occur for us, in other words, is also the trigger, the initiator, the source of our actions. A commentary on Werner distinguishing the way things occur for us, as the source of our actions, is presented elsewhere in this internet series of essays.

Grok the possibility that everything you and I do as human beings, everything, is powered by our consideration alone. That's by no means the typical view of things. Generally our explanations of how we do what we do, are more cerebral, intellectual, and rote (and erroneous) than that. Instead, consider yourself making breakfast: Voila! You're making breakfast. Consider yourself walking ... and you're walking (listen: never mind that tired, old "I put one foot in front of the other, and then ..." explanation of how you walk, because then you have to explain how  you put one foot in front of the other - so "I put one foot in front of the other, and then ..." fails ie is patently insufficient / inadequate as an explanation of how you walk). You consider yourself addressing a meeting ... and you're addressing a meeting. Like that.

Discovering what's so is so by your consideration alone, will blow you away (it'll blow your mind too, which is a subject for another conversation on another occasion) - more than because of what this ability allows us to accomplish, but because who we are as human beings, is measured by this inherent empower-ability: the ability to consider it so, the ability to consider it happening ... and so it is, and so it happens. That's who we are. That's what we do. That's the source of it all. So: we walk by considering ourselves walking  (restated more tersely: we walk by walking). We consider it so, and it's so. That's awesome. You  are awesome. Man! You rock!

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