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A New Beginning:


Black Stallion, Napa Valley, California, USA

December 4, 2015

This essay, A New Beginning: Momentum, is the companion piece to It is also the sequel to Essays - Twelve Years Later: A New Beginning.

It's one thing for me to be creative. It's another order of business entirely for me to state accurately what the source of my creativity is. They're clearly connected. Yet what's just as clear to me is: the one doesn't require the other. I can create ... without being clear about the source of my creativity. I can also take a shot at articulating the source of my creativity ... without producing anything creative in the process. It's in the light of this that I've had a new insight into my role in the creation of this internet series of essays, and it's this: they, Conversations For Transformation, happen by themselves  - I just write some of them down. That's it.

Now I didn't notice that correlation when I started writing these essays over twelve years ago, and nor did I notice it a year ago, and nor did I notice it six months ago. I first noticed it a month ago after my stated word in the matter was complete ie after I'd written the one thousand essays I promised Werner I would write, and after they'd received the one million views I promised him they would receive. And then  what? It certainly looked like this project, being complete, was over.

That said, what I'm noticing now is the obvious: it's not  over. It's going on. It's now one hundred and four essays and nearly three and a half thousand views beyond my promise ie beyond my measures defining the project's completion. If it were over, I wouldn't have written this - and you wouldn't be reading it, yes? I'm noticing it's a certain momentum  which is the source of my creativity, a momentum which in retrospect was always there - except earlier it was out of sight in the background. Well, in that  case you may ask "What was in the foreground?". It was my word ie it was my promise which was in the foreground. And when my word ie when my promise completed, what I noticed was: it's that momentum which has these essays continue to come forth, even after my promise to bring them forth, completed.

That marked a shift for me away from doing  Conversations For Transformation and toward being  Conversations For Transformation, a context which supersedes writing them. In other words, if I take myself out of the way ie if I take my promise out of the way, the source and the creativity which produced them is still here - in fact, it's still here in a purer form. This is a whole new beginnning, a whole new place to stand. But this isn't simply a whole new place to stand with these essays. It's a whole new place to stand with any  committed languaging which results in the access to transformation, possibility, enrollment, mastery, integrity, and leadership.

After this website received its one millionth view, I removed all references to publishing two new essays twice a week and to announcing them on Sundays and Wednesdays at midnight, from the website's Communication Promise as well as from my e-mail distribution list announcements - in other words, I took my promise out of it, given it was completed. And yet as I look at what's transpired since then, the plain fact is nothing's really changed. There've still been two new essays twice a week which have been published and announced on Sundays and Wednesdays at midnight - promise, or no promise.

I'm not (yet) sure what to make of this myself. Really I'm not. Before the one millionth view, there were two new conversations a week which were published and announced on Sundays and Wednesdays at midnight on time as promised. And since the one millionth view, there've been two new conversations a week which were published and announced on Sundays and Wednesdays at midnight ... but  ... not as promised (therefore there's no "at midnight on time", yes?). So now I'm inquiring from within the question "What is my conversation when it's not a promise?"  - more specifically, "What are these Conversations For Transformation when they're not generated inside a promise?".

Right now, I don't have any answers. Right now I'm sitting in the space Werner introduced me to over dinner recently: I'm allowing myself to be directed by the unanswered question. And as I sit here, looking from this vantage point, what I notice is I'm not waiting for answers to show up before continuing, and neither does the dearth of answers seem to stop anything. So where does this conversation and others (generated since their erstwhile end-of-the-line  signs, the one thousandth essay and the one millionth view, came and went) come from? which is too say: what's the source of the momentum that's carrying them forward, now that the promise is completed?

There appear to be two answers to this question. There's the obvious, interim answer, and there's the at-first-not-so-obvious  answer. It's the latter which is more profound, yet it's the one which is also more elusive. Interimly the momentum comes from writing two new essays a week for twelve years like a promise, like a commitment. And when the promise completed and the commitment was fulfilled, the conversations didn't stop because the momentum continued. It's kind of like rolling a rock down a hill: when it gets to the bottom of the hill, it doesn't stop there just because it's at the bottom of the hill - its momentum assures it will continue rolling (you don't have to be a science graduate or understand physics or be able to derive the formula for momentum as defined in the textbooks, to get this).

Now, the more profound answer is this: it's Life itself's  momentum throwing something forward, something irresistible, something worthwhile, something je ne sais quoi, something which truly was  once my promise, my commitment, my prerogative, but which is no longer that anymore. It can't be: my promise was completed, my commitment was fulfilled. This is a totally new place for me to stand ie it's a new beginning, no longer given by "my" promise or by "my" commitment - rather it's given by being in the momentum of Life itself as it continues to throw these conversations forward ... and I notice I'm still standing here writing some of them down.

That just about covers my new role in it. But perhaps the player with an even bigger role than me in this, is you. Listen: I don't really know what it means to have received one million views. Yes it's a big number. But in actuality, what is it? What it is, whichever way I slice it, is a lot of you:  your reading, your time, your attention, your interest, your listening, your care, your love, your friendship, your alignment, your support, your partnership. While I'm not yet clear where these Conversations For Transformation will go next, what I've always been clear about is: the space in which these Conversations For Transformation show up, is you - and there's a lot  of you. It's a space which is worthwhile enough and generous enough and gorgeous enough for me to want to stick around a while longer and see what conversations Life itself's momentum is going to throw forward next ... and to be here to write some of them down.

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